Balustrades and Frameless Fencing

Seeing beyond.

Panoramic™ is a Grade A safety glass that has been developed to provide the highest possible quality standards, while delivering aesthetics and functionality for applications where seeing greater light and space is required.

Delivering outstanding aesthetics and functionality for applications where appreciating greater light and space is required, Panoramic™ is a range of Grade A safety glass panels equally suitable for both internal and external applications. Panoramic™ is the ideal solution for glass balustrades, frameless fencing, stairwells, balconies and landings and is available in toughened, laminated or heat treated laminated safety glass to suit your safety requirements.


  • Maximises the effect of light and space with outstanding levels of safety and security
  • Available in toughened, laminated, custom laminated, toned, low iron or designer options including EnVision™ digitally printed safety glass
  • Wide range of shapes and sizes, fully compatible with a broad range of fixings
  • Can be glazed with an exposed edge when laminated, making it highly resistant to moisture penetration and temperature variation
  • Suitable for structural, two edge supported, cantilevered and free-standing point fixed
  • balustrades
  • Custom engineered handrail free balustrade solution available*
  • 5-year warranty against delamination


  • Balconies and barriers
  • Internal and external, structural and infill balustrades
  • Pool fencing
  • Stairs, landings and walkways