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Taylor’s Window Supplies have been manufacturing aluminium windows and doors for Southern NSW and the ACT for more than 40 years. Our leadership team consists of more than 150 years of experience in the residential and commercial window and door industry. With two states of the art production facilities and a team of over 80 trusted professionals, we strive to deliver quality products and to exceed your expectations…regardless how small or large your project!


The face of Australian education is changing. across the country, many students and teachers spend their days in badly designed classrooms, with little access to daylight, and minimal indoor air quality. But when Gungahlin college, a $72.7 million college in Canberra’s north, opened its doors in February 2011, a new benchmark in green schools was set.

Typically, conventional education buildings are designed to meet only minimum building-code standards. This approach can result in lower comfort and productivity levels, and potentially unhealthy work environments. Gungahlin college is part of the act Government’s $496 million investment in upgrading every public school, and building new schools where they are needed most. the design of the college incorporates a range of environmentally sustainable design features aimed at achieving a 5 Green star rating from the Green Building council of Australia.

The facility was jointly designed by munns sly moore architects, and Williams Boag architects, and built by pBs Building (act) pty ltd. their goal was to design and encourage best practice in teaching and learning, and create a facility with the flexibility to adapt to new approaches and technologies in the future.

The glazing is a particular feature of the building and represents a close collaboration between the architects, sustainability consultant and taylors Window supplies.

Using the vast array of elevate™ window and door systems taylors Window supplies optimised the glazing throughout the college. their aim was to connect the interior of the college with the outside world, while balancing the requirements of effective thermal performance and natural ventilation.

Taylors ensured all glazing was section j compliant. In addition, all fixed windows are double glazed, while low-level glass louvres assist in the circulation of fresh air throughout the buildings. this air is extracted through thermal chimneys. The face of these chimneys is also glazed to enhance natural light and create a ‘stack effect’ within the chimney.

To enable more refined control of airflow, a high-level glazed ‘curtain’ incorporating glass louvres around the double-height voids is located in the spine of the buildings.

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