High Performance Insulated Glass

The OptEma™ product range has been specifically designed to balance the benefits of high levels of natural light transmission with outstanding levels of thermal insulation and overall energy efficiency.

Playing a key role in managing both the heat flowing in and the heat flowing out of the glazed elements of the building, OptEma™ helps to make your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter whilst allowing the room to bathe in very high levels of natural light.


  • Very high levels of light transmission with outstanding overall energy efficiency
  • OptEma’s high performance characteristics increases the glazed area of the home when compared to normal clear glass
  • OptEma™ plays a positive role in contributing to our feelings of well being and creating levels of comfort we all hope to experience from our home
  • Available in an overall thickness of between 14mm and 32mm to suit most window and door framing suites
  • Helps manage the internal environment of the home by helping to control the amount of light and heat entering the home and the amount of heat leaving the home
  • Argon gas filled IGU space as standard to improve thermal insulation performance
  • Increases the amount of room space available by minimising cold down draughts near the inside of the window


  • Fully framed residential windows and doors
  • Rooflights