Decorative Etched Glass

Natural light. Maximum privacy.

Matlucent™ decorative glass is a clear float glass which has been etched on one side to create a subtle, satin finish.

Ideal for a number of internal applications where the retention of high light transmission and the need for privacy are key considerations, Matlucent™ etched, matt satin finish provides a consistent, even light diffusion evoking a high quality, natural hue ideal for internal partitions and windows, shower screens, doors or balustrades.


  • Consistent, satin matt finish with low levels of reflectivity
  • Effectively diffuses light offering high levels of privacy
  • Easily cleaned
  • Opens up living spaces whilst providing a calming feeling of sanctuary within the respective space


  • Internal balustrading and staircases
  • Internal partitions and screens
  • Internal privacy windows and doors
  • Painted splashbacks
  • Shower and bath enclosures