Insulating Glass Unit warranty

SOLOS Glass Pty Ltd hereby provides the following Warranty in respect of its KlymetControlTM Insulating Glass Units (“the Product”).

1.Warranty Period and Details

Subject to the provisions of this Warranty, SOLOS Glass warrants that the Product, for a period of 5 years from the date of manufacture:

Will conform with the relevant quality, thickness and dimensional requirements of AS2208:1996 and meet the relevant requirements of AS/ NZS 4666.

Remain free from moisture, dust or film formation on the inside glass surfaces when viewed under normal viewing conditions from a distance of 3m.

Remain free from visual or visible defects, faults and inclusions which can be seen from a distance of 3m away and which are not within the limits as laid out in AS/NZS 4667:2000.

If a safety material is used as a component of the product, bear permanent identification marking in accordance with AS2208/AS2080 unless specifically requested otherwise by the purchaser.

If a toughened version of The Product is supplied, it bears permanent identification marking in accordance with AS2208 unless specifically requested by the customer.

2.Warranty Coverage

This Warranty is to be read in conjunction with the SOLOS Glass “Terms and Conditions of Sale” currently in force.

This Warranty which only provides for free replacement of the Product or refund of the original invoice value, accepts no liability for personal injury, loss, claims, property damage, or labour, material or other costs (whether special or consequential or otherwise), howsoever caused or arising and whether direct or indirect.

3. Compliance to standards

All Product conforms with the applicable sections of Australian Standard AS2208.

4. Conditions

The Warranty is further subject to the following conditions:

a. That the Buyer acknowledges that the Product at the time of delivery was undamaged and free from any defects.

b. The product is not altered or further processed in any way.

c. That glass used in the Product is manufactured by SOLOS Glass, or if sourced externally confirmed in writing or warranted by the supplier to comply with SOLOS Glass product specifications.

d. That the Product is protected from contact with wet cement, hard foreign objects, metals and materials likely to cause abrasive damage.

e. That storage, handling and cleaning of the Product is entirely in accordance with SOLOS Glass recommendations as published by SOLOS Glass and the glass components are not damaged in any way before or during installation.

f. Setting blocks made from EVA, PVC and/or recycled plastic must not be used in installation. Setting blocks used must be compatible with the IGU edge seal and have a hardness of 85 ± 5 Short A durometer. Recommended setting blocks include those made from non-absorbent, resilient neoprene, santoprene or EPDM.

g. The glass components are not damaged in any way, before or during installation.

h. That the Product is not exposed to chemical fumes or gases other than those present in normal clear atmospheric air nor is subject to prolonged exposure towater or moisture which maycause rainbow type staining, nor is exposed to radiation of any type other than normal sunlight.

i. That the Product is not subject or likely to be subject to stresses from any cause in excess of the stresses advised as acceptable in SOLOS Glass literature or in specific correspondence.

j. No further edge working, processing or cutting is attempted or takes place. The warranty only applies to product which is the same size, shape and form as originally supplied by SOLOS Glass.

k. The product is not installed in a manner whereby the product has prolonged exposure to moisture/water at the glass edge and the product is not exposed to any radiation other than normal sunlight.

l. The warranty only covers products manufactured using either Polysulphide or Silicone secondary sealants which are approved by SOLOS Glass

m. If the product is being transported or glazed at altitudes of over 800 metres, either capillary tubes or breather tubes have to be installed. Any breather tubes have to be subsequently sealed after the unit has acclimatized sufficiently at its final altitude.

5. Reporting and Verification of Product Failure

SOLOS Glass has the right to establish to its satisfaction that the Product deterioration or failure is in accordance with the above Warranty and that all of the above conditions have been met. Any failure of the Product shall be reported immediately to SOLOS Glass to enable the Product to be examined in situ by SOLOS Glass to determine cause of failure and if failure of the Product is not notified to SOLOS Glass within seven days of failure, the Buyer shall be deemed to have waived all rights under the Warranty (subject always to the full terms and conditions of this agreement).

6. Exclusions

The Warranty specifically excludes any glass breakage from any cause other than faulty materials up to the specified design wind pressure as determined in accordance with Australian Standards AS1170 and AS1288, and specifically excludes any consequential liabilities following installation. Subject to limitations imposed by the Trade Practices Act, this Warranty is in substitution for and to the exclusion of all other rights and remedies (if any) and SOLOS Glass makes no Warranty on merchantability or that the Product is fit for any particular purpose or use.

7. Warranty of Replacement Product

Any replacement Product supplied pursuant to this Warranty shall be warranted only until the expiration of the Warranty period for the original Product.

8. Advice

Advice as to applications to which the Product can be put may be obtained from SOLOS Glass representatives.