Noise Reducing Acoustic Solutions

Designed for the future.

Urban sprawl and associated growth in many sectors of housing, commercial developments and transport infrastructure subsequently brings increasing levels of unwanted noise.

Silencia™ is one of the most effective glass types in reducing unwanted noise being transmitted through the glazing. Silencia™ can be both single glazed or incorporated as part of a KlymetControl™, KlymetControl™ Plus, OptEma™ or OptEma™ Plus IGU to achieve noise reduction levels of up to 45dB.


  • Available in 6.5mm through 12.5mm thicknesses dependent on the level of noise reduction required
  • Can be incorporated into an IGU for further enhanced noise reduction, solar control, thermal insulation and overall energy efficiency
  • Grade A safety glass with >99% UV protection to prevent fading
  • Reduces noise from a broad range of sources across a wide frequency band


  • Buildings close to main roads, airports and railway lines
  • Commercial offices and stadiums
  • External and internal windows, doors and partitions
  • Hospitals and aged care facilities
  • Multi density residential apartments and hotels