Laminated Safety Glass

Everyday safe.

Providing Grade A safety with a number of additional benefits Protekta™ is ideal for low level glazing applications, providing safety where people may intentionally or unintentionally come into contact and break the glass.

Offering increased resistance to penetration through the glass, Protekta™ can also reduce the fading of furniture and help dampen unwanted noise.


  • Cost effective Grade A safety glass to AS/NZ 2208
  • Stockable and cuttable
  • Breaks safely with glass pieces bonding to the interlayer and remains in the opening if broken. In certain applications, for example awnings and certain balustrades, the use of a toughened laminated glass is recommended
  • Available in a range of thicknesses dependent on the application and/or size of finished glass required
  • Easily incorporated within many KlymetControl™ IGU products


  • Any safety glazing where distortion free glazing is required
  • Internal glazing, partitions
  • Low level glazing below 1000mm where a safety glass is required
  • Overhead glazing and sloped glazing
  • Windows, doors and sidelights both to act as a safety glass and to virtually eliminate the
  • transfer of UV from the outside to the inside