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This amazing light filled farm house is located in cootamundra, which is in the south West slopes region of new south Wales.

This home is encompassed by picturesque surroundings in a fantastic location, so an important aspect of the build was to ensure that the landscape was transferred into the home.

The clients had a strong brief for the design of this inspiring home and realised they needed an architect that was able to envisage their design brief and ensure it could come to life.

Architect andrew Verri of andrew Verri architects was chosen by the clients to carry out the enormous task of designing their dream home- a farm house which was fit for their entire family.

Very early on, the clients stated the fact that the landscape and surrounds of their home were so magical that they wanted them to be visible from all aspects of their abode – inside and out. they wanted the architect to design a non sterotypical farm house that overlooked the valleys, hills and the sheep paddock.

Andrew Verri quickly decided that the main focal points of the project would be large spans of glass and a beveled roof line, which would also ensure the functionality of the home was at its peak. through incorporating many windows and doors, the home took full advantage of the surrounding natural beauty.

Andrew Verri took the clients brief of a functional, designer farm house and inverted the idea. due to cootamundra’s typically cooler weather all year round, andrew didn’t want to go with the conventional farm house. he decided to make the middle of the home feature a central courtyad, allowing the house to have a double northern frontage that ensured the bedrooms at the back would soak in some of the sun and create warmth throughout the home.

The clients also wanted a pool in their new home. This was a difficult task for architect as the local climate would require the pool area to be enclosed in winter, and open in summer. this would enable year-round swimming.

Andrew looked into various window systems that would be required to create this environment in the pool.

There was also the consideration to be made regarding condensation within the pool area. andrew required a frame that allowed all of the functional requirements as well as did not build condensation when temperatures differed inside and out.

It is for this reason that andrew Verri decided to choose the aWs range of thermalheart™ systems in the pool area.

Andrew then continued to use the thermalheart™ systems throughout the home as it enabled him to have many windows and doors whilst maintaining thermal efficiency throughout. This aluminium system ensured the design brief of capturing the outdoors was met without compromising the thermal efficiency of the home.

For maximum design flexibility, Andrew Verri appreciated that due to the large aWs range, he was able to combine standard aluminium frames with the ThermalHEART™ profiles.

Throughout the home, andrew utilised various awning windows, large panel bi-fold doors and sliding windows to maximise viewing angles and levels of natural light.

The clients were delighted with the completed project and are thankful for the thermal efficiency and comfort of their home due to the use of thermalheart systems.

Series 411 ViewMASTER B-Fold Door:

  • series 411 top hung Bi-fold door has been designed to accept the 50mm thick heavy duty series 50 and 52
  • the standard e2 rollers will carry door panels up to 40Kg heavy duty e3 will carry door  panels up to
  • a variety of lever & lock options are available including multi- point locking for added
  • successfully tested to resist 450Pa water and suitable for air-conditioned buildings when weather resisting sill is
  • Can be configured to incorporate single or double entry doors so access can be achieved without opening the whole
  • series 411 Bi-fold doors are hung on centor™ twin stainless steel bearing  rollers  running  in heavy duty dual overhead

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